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Retirement Party

So we were down at Wallsend, Newcastle, this past weekend to help create a befitting ambience to a celebrate a wonderful man and his wife who are taking a break from active service, after several years of serving the biggest possible “Boss” in and out of the world…..God!

So how do you even come close to trying to set up the right atmosphere to reflect years of dedicated service and achievements, culminating in the well-deserved retirement from active service as a pastor? By doing it the ExquisiteEvents way, of course! (No brainer there and no extra points for guessing)

So we sat deep in our “spacious” office (when I say deep & spacious….I literarily mean deep down in the garage) “brainstorming” (I’ve been dying to use that word) on the right theme for the occasion and it finally came to us. It just has to be, definitely must be, without any doubt, purple and gold or “Purpie-Goldie” as the team calls it (yeah, you heard it here first…wacky but sounds cool)

Both colours are thematic of the years of service the celebrant put in prior to the retirement and both befitting for such a wonderful occasion. Gold usually depicts success and achievement, while purple represents power, royalty and wisdom…… at times. But most importantly both can just transform virtually any room, into a breath-taking environment.


So we set about our task on the day, dressing the tables with a combination of gold and white covers, chairs all kitted up and “wrapped” round with bow ties of purple sashes and those cute, slim (wish I could be described like that, in one sentence) vase/ centre pieces to compliment the room. The handpicked flowers popping out from the vases were just too beautiful and simply out of this world (seriously, like they were picked up from one of the future purple planets I was reading about the other day).

Stage was beautifully dressed up with a cream back drop and “waves” at the top made from a perfect combination of purple and gold swags. We had to stand back after making up the gold and purple balloon arch above the cake stand to ponder which is lovelier; the cake or the Arch - (tough call)

Several hours later, some manual handling, some cups of tea, a used tissue, a sore back and several missed calls on the phone, the venue was finally set (beautifully and elegantly dressed up). And what was our reward? The smile on the couple’s faces when they stepped into the hall….priceless!

I wonder what our imaginative and creative minds will come up with the next time (……deep in thought).

Thinking of setting up the perfect venue for a wedding, conference, and birthday? You know who to call

The ExquisteEvents Team.

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